thedelhibride Asks…Grooming the Groom!

5 thoughts on “thedelhibride Asks…Grooming the Groom!”

  1. Mani Pedi for sure!However clean they may keep their nails, i think i’m sending my guy for one.

    Less than 2 weeks na?? Best of luck love!! All the happiness and fun at your wedding!! I’m sure you will be a radiant bride.xoxox


  2. So before our engagement, the boy got for himself a mani/pedi and head massage! 😉 Pretty sure before the wedding too, he’ll get a cut + head massage + mani/pedi. Will definitely coax him into a facial too. they deserve it too no?


  3. Mani pedi and maybe a full body massage – he will just feel great after it…and if not a full facial, as men tend to be quite impatient, maybe just a face cleanup?


  4. haha, my guys been asking me the same! mani-pedi for sure!! body polish and massage as well, we find it very relaxing I am sure they will too.

    Although a facial is good too, but if he hasn’t had one before then I dunno, it is a risk.

    and Hair spa (or massage)


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