thedelhibride Asks…Night Wear!

7 thoughts on “thedelhibride Asks…Night Wear!”

  1. buy t-shirts and pair them up!!! you can get those same style of PJ’s at sarojini very easily…the stuff is pretty decent. w try out!!! I got the big checks one (like the last link) from there. will last for 6 months of daily usage easily.


  2. Sarjoini has the best PJs..for years I came and picked up dozens of them coz I never found such stuff in Bombay.
    pair it with ur hubbys tees:)


  3. Hi DelhiBride. We would love to help you get into a comfy pair of Pajamas! Send us an email at and we give you a discount voucher to get you started 🙂
    We have shipped out over 15000 orders and guarantee the you will not be disappointed…


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