A Month To My Wedding – Updates Part 2

9 thoughts on “A Month To My Wedding – Updates Part 2”

  1. Wow that’s nearly everything done! Fabulous! Hey I had spoken about W yesterday -totally wrong reference, here was nothing there- I checked. Think GK 1 for bocade top may be better..


  2. Less than a month to go… Yayy!!! So excited. My lil sister is the bride this time 🙂 All the best! And for Haldi Taat (Bengali Cotton Saree woven with block print style design) is the best. .. My experience is tht Haldi gets a lil messy and you wud not want it dirtying your expensive gorgette saree!!


  3. Nice post I’ve been waiting to read such posts, wedding is all about a dash with traditional customs in India, out of which selecting sarees is a considered most prestigious event. This time most of my relatives are busy abroad, Me and my sister have planned to try out from an online store called Cbazaar which was refereed to me by my friend …wouldn’t mind if someone suggests me a good online store in India to get a good bridal saree for my sister.


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