A Month To My Wedding – Updates + thedelhibride Asks…Part 1

28 thoughts on “A Month To My Wedding – Updates + thedelhibride Asks…Part 1”

  1. you can check out goldy’s next in gk for corsets.. they used to stock lovely ethnic ones at some point of time, hv not checked the collection lately


    1. Swati, you saviour! I went to Goldy’s (had totally forgotten it even existed – I had bought a beautiful red brocade kurti from there 3 years back) yesterday and guess what? I bought my whole mehendi outfit from there – crushed skirt and lovely brocade corset. Yup, the skirt there was so much more festive, that I chucked the idea of using my turquoise blue skirt. Put on a multi-colored corset, and I could totally see myself on mehendi day looking rather bridal in the outfit 🙂 Yeyyyy! Thanks so much! 🙂


  2. Try d lakme salons for pre-bridals too… They had really nice combo’s … Plus they give u customised ones also acc to what u want !!

    Frontier Karol bagh has a really nice jewellery section Also… Maang- tikka’s …. Waist belts n all..


    1. Thanks Ritika! I’ve been hoping to go to Karol Bagh since forever, but have still not managed to travel till there. I think I def need to check out Frontier in South Ex, hopefully they will have a similar collection – I remember seeing a full fledged jewellery section there the last time I visited.


  3. Hi! Finally a post from you- have been checking back everyday…

    Aumbre’s fake jewelry designer is making a waist belt, etc for me. But they are travelling till the end of next week and likely to be around only Oct 8 onwards. If that’s too late for you, maybe check Frontier Raas at South-Ex. I will be going hopping for several things today and keep an eye out and may post back on this.

    One dupatta I think- two might become too cumbersome unless you do the Nisha style of Jiten-Nisha where the one other head was really light. Am doing one dupatta with a structured straight drop kept in place with a waist belt instead of doing a tummy covering (lots depend on the state of my tummy by then!) and then putting that dupatta itself on top of my head and swinging it around to tuck into my lehnga on the side and not too much to the front so the lehenga shows.

    For a top for mehendi, phulkari dupatta sounds good, but am sure you will find a fairly ethnic looking and reasonably priced top if you do a quick round of GK 1 M block market won’t you? Or what about W in DLF Place Saket- I think the Saket malls maybe good place to go to – they have so many shops that something is bound to pop up right? Maybe even a shop with fake waist belts. I maybe going there today, if I find something, will keep you briefed by tonight.

    For shoes I picked up a pair from Next- but for real comfort I think the heels shouldn’t be more than 2.5 to 3 inches. If you are in a real mood to splurge, then no better place than Christian Louboutin at DLF Emporio for even sky high heels being perfectly comfortable. Next is good and comfy upto 3inches, after that can’t bank on it I think.


    1. Hey! Thanks for all the suggestions…I’ve already seen a necklace at Aumbre that I am considering getting it converted into a kamar bandh. Astha told me to first look around elsewhere, in places like GK1, for something ready made. In case I don’t find anything else, I’ll def get the Aumbre one made.
      My current dupatta is also fairly light, but not as light as the one Nisha’s placed on her head. If I do two dupattas, I’ll have to get a new one made similar to Nisha’s – sounds painful to get it done, therefore I’m hesitating.
      And for shoes, I don’t want anything over 2 inches – that’s the most I’m comfortable with. Higher than that, and I’ll be falling all over! Going shoe shopping with my Mausi today, hoping to find THE one!


  4. So nice to hear from you! I will put in my two bit in the points that I can help with!

    1. Mehendi- If your function is a big fat one then you need to wear something eye catching jewelery (read-not ostentatious though). Go in for some fun silver chunky jewelery maybe? Or one of your lighter sets? KamarBandh/Dhani you will find in any artificial jewelery place. You could even get it made at any silver shop (ask them to custom make simple ones)? Aumbre does custom made and frontier too. Check out Bg’s too? I think the lanes of Lajpat and CC will solve your problem too if you have the time and patience. For some classy jewelery you could check Apalla but it is pricey!

    2. Wedding-I love the idea of two dupattas too! A light one over the head tucked into the lehenga and hanging freely behind and the heavier one pleated and pinned to the other shoulder. I really am not in the favor of covering the tummy with the dupatta running across the chest! Hides chooli and lehenga pattern! But I know I wont be able to handle so much of cloth aroound me considering I hate dupattas and I have no practice of wearing even one! So since my dupatta with my lehenga is really big I am just going to tuck it in on one side into my lehenga and drape that over my head and leave the other end pleated instead of the regular across the body type draping!

    3. Mehendi-I am doing floral jewelery on my Mehendi and I am really excited about it! (My mehendi/sangeet is one function though). See, My honest opinion would be to get the brocade yourself! No point looking for a ready made thing! I am assuming the Lehenga skirt is raw silk so a brocade would go really well! But why white? Its your mehendi! You should be nice and colorful! If you want to go with a subdue color then go in for a rich gold brocade and make a corset or long chooli or something! Again easily available at Lajpat or if you want a really good quality brocade then Nilambari in Sqaure One mall, Saket!

    4. Heels-See, on the wedding, heels are the norm. See if you can get some wedges! I know Laboutin and Choo have brilliant heels in stilts and wedges but thats easily about 40k a pair! I might just buy one pair with a realistic heel but otherwise I have bought mine from Guess! Super tall but cushioned! I am not a heel person though which is why I am getting more realistic and wearable pair from the top brand.

    5. Pre-bridal- Almost all salons offer flexible pre-bridals. I believe its best if you go to where you regularly get your beauty treatments from (Threading and waxing etc) but if you want to go else where, I dont think you should think too much about it. Pick a great salon close to your place and head there (Affinity, Looks, Plum, Lakme, Gitanjali etc) Where do you live? That really is a deciding factor.


      1. Not gotten down to worrying about it right now. But these are the few options I am going to look into when I finally do get down to it-
        1. Local vendors
        2. Ferns and Petal chain
        3. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in CC
        4. Other known florists


    1. Mehendi – mine’s a home function, with just relatives and closest friends, which is why I’m not going in for too much jewellery. My turquoise blue skirt is made of cotton, as is the new yellow skirt I’ve just bought. Brocade blouse – I got a beautiful multi colored one so I’m wearing bright colors now! 🙂
      Thanks for the idea of shopping at Guess – will def check it out. The max I’m willing to spend on shoes is 4k. But I’d be way more comfortable with a 2-3k price range.
      For pre-bridal, what I wanted to know was – do I even need to go for the whole pre-bridal thing? Can’t I just get a pedicure and a facial, and be done? There are so many things on that list that I don’t even want to get done.


      1. So is mine. Not at home cause I live in a flat. But family and super close friends. And as I mentioned my mehendi and Sangeet will happen side by side. So a cotton yellow skirt and a Multicolored brocade blouse? I am so happy you are doing bright colors! 😀

        Maybe check out Venus Steps? They definitely will have all kinds of shoes to choose from!!

        YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD GO FOR A PRE-BRIDAL! I mean you totally should pamper yourself before your functions begin. Completely de-stressing! You dont necessarily have to go for their packages! But do a mani/pedi + Facial/face cleaning + waxing (if you do get it done) + face and body bleaching(if you are wearing short choolis and all) + hair spa + pretty nail thing (not necessarily extensions but just anything to brighten you up) . Do it over one day or few sessions but definitely right before your functions begin! Just to be and calm yourself down! Play around with the package however you want to! Last month I went for my regular waxing and added hair spa to it and just out of sheer enthu I called it my first pre-bridal! 😉 Go to your regular beauty place or some new one! But GO! really!


        1. Yeah I’m really glad I’m wearing bright colors now!
          Went to Venus Steps yesterday. Although it was good, I didn’t find what I was looking for. I want 2-2.5 inch golden/copper heels, with shimmer (not stone work) and a nice design. Found many decent golden heels, but they just weren’t “wedding-y” enough. Atleast not for your own wedding!
          You’re doing a really great job convincing me of getting the pre-bridal package at Affinity. I usually go there…and I’m getting closer to just making the booking for the pre-bridal. I do remember that facial I had a few weeks back was super relaxing!


          1. Ohhh! I know what you mean! I wanted Shimmer and not stone as well! I saw the most gorgeous perfect shimmer golden (various shades) that screams WEDDING and FESTIVITY! At Jimmy Choo but too expensive! Best part was they has it in various heel lenghts and wedges as well! I will buy them someday! SIgh! Please do go to check them out at Emporio! If not to buy, just to see! You might just decide to be extravagant! 😉

            YOU should! Please do! You will not regret it! And Affinity will definitely allow you to customize it! Please!


    2. What all should one look for pre-bridal packages? I hear salon ppl just keep adding stuff saying these will make u glow n stuff.


  5. Im sure the reality must be sinking in now! Time to get married! Eeeee! That’s kind of my state of mind (The Eeee is both excitement and panic!)

    All your “DONE”s sound awesome – you must feel so much better after checking each thing off your list! Im hoping I start some serious ticking off very soon!

    I think I will do the double dupatta. I want a light one on my head because I want my hair and ornaments to show. The heavy one will have to be pleated on my shoulder.

    Please please let me know where you get your kamarbandhs from – I need to get those as well.


  6. Yay!!! Good going! your mehendi outfit sounds awesome! Also..if your pheras are in the day you could go with a lighter look and use one dupatta..it will be less stuff to weigh you down (I’m doing this though mine are at sunset).


    1. Thanks Mrinalini 🙂 My pheras are just before sunset, and I’ve decided to stick to one dupatta – the thought of having to chase Om Prakash to make me a second dupatta is too painful, I just want to chill now.


  7. Hi, just came across your blog! I am getting married in like two months, and I can relate soooo many posts and I have obviously become familiar with all these usual shops! So much fun to read! Btw, u mentioned a casmara facial, where did u get that in delhi.? I might so completely head for that;)


  8. Hey guys! Please suggest me some shops to buy my engagement and reception dresses! Preferably a gown.. Inexpensive and awesome place!!


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