I am SO angry. Literally.

9 thoughts on “I am SO angry. Literally.”

  1. I think it will help but don’t write the post emotionally!!! it always exaggerates the thing…write it objectively…I know its tough when its about wedding trousseau!!!! but, a cool mind will defitnitely help 🙂


  2. Please please let it out…stress at this stage needs to be directed outward.. And maybe people will have some helpful advice in response?


  3. Rant away love! Take it all out. But make sure you take one night to think it through. And of course your views are your personal views. Add that to your post and no defamation can be accrued to you! Also. Big hug! Hope things sort themselves out!


  4. You should write what you feel. No doubt on that! Remember your followers are here to read the truth. But I loved Bhumika’s idea to think over a night. Knowingly/unknowingly I have followed it uptill now.


  5. Alrighty girls, I’ll do a post with details – but I’ll write it from as neutral a stance as possible, just explaining the situation. And good I slept over it – am much more calm now and I can see it more objectively.


  6. Sure, you have to say, that’ll help out others.
    My friend who recently got married, got her blouse stitched from 5-6 places with normal fabric and took the best fit and gave that tailor the bridal blouse!!!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! 🙂


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