The 47 Day Wedding Workout Challenge

12 thoughts on “The 47 Day Wedding Workout Challenge”

  1. More power to you girl..and an inspiration for me!!

    I’ve got 87 days till my functions start..and I wish I could say I’m underweight!!

    I’m borrowing your idea of donating to a cause if I don’t lose the last stubborn 5 ( and hopefully more) by 1st Nov.. though my fiancé would happily donate double of what I’d donate to make me stay the nice over weight thing I am!!!


    1. 🙂 my fiancé told me – we shud donate the money IF you win the challenge, cos then it will be win-win for everyone! I told him, the prospect of me being poorer by 20 grand did not appeal to me as much…considering there’s already enough being spent on the wedding! But yes please do borrow the idea…hope it works out for u as well!


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