I’m getting married NEXT month! Wedding Planning Updates for August

4 thoughts on “I’m getting married NEXT month! Wedding Planning Updates for August”

  1. aawwww girl, you look like in the middle of everyhing!

    how about a corset top for your mehendi lehenga?? a lot of girls are doing this, although I am personally going for a normal long choli….anything you feel the prettiest and comfortable in, you should really enjoy your Mehendi!
    Oh somebody advised me to make sure that where ever you’ll be sitting for your mehendi make sure the seat has a back, its easier to sit for longer hours!

    I have seen people wearing both the rings on the same hand, engagement ring first and then the golden band.

    Great that your MUA issue is solved!


  2. hey..you must get something comfortable yet stylish (make sure its all button up or zipper- for the convenience sake during the long ordreal of follow up oils and mixtures on the mehendi for brighter color)..personally I am not getting dupatta for my mehendi dress..i have got a sleevless back button short kurti with long skirt..
    I am awaiting your lehenga details, please send it to me..i am planning to go to CC this weekend.


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