thedelhibride Asks…about Invitation Cards! #1

4 thoughts on “thedelhibride Asks…about Invitation Cards! #1”

  1. you can design your own invitation card the way you want. if you want to get the sangeet and mehendi inserts separately, that looks good!! you can mix and match fabrics as well. We recieved an invitation card once which I loved – one in which the whole invitation was written on the scroll.
    I guess 10-15% extra should do the job.


  2. We’re doing about 10%, though we’re not giving out too many to people to hand out. Remember you’ll need a few extra cards for – the 1st one that goes to the Mandir, – the 2nd one that goes to the boy’s family (assuming you guys do this), – another one for your album or a keepsake – one for purpose of marriage registration – one for the honeymoon (maybe) – we’ve been told by our travel agent that we may have to take one along to Mauritius for the visa on arrival purposes since my name won’t be changed by then, and we wont have any real proof of marriage except for this.


  3. Definitely get a soft copy of the invite for those you invite only out of courtesy. If you made the list sincerely (which i think u did) i dont think more than 10% buffer is required but its good to add an extra 5% (Cards/inserts/envelops) to avoid any last min hassles & rushes due to wear & tear or miss-spellings/ name printing errors.


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