My Personal Fitness Plan For Getting Bride Ready

5 thoughts on “My Personal Fitness Plan For Getting Bride Ready”

  1. I am not gonna be a bride but I am trying to cut down on the tummy!!! I have been taking tea very regularly just coz I need something to munch on…have to cut that and yes, no white rice and bread. I also take only egg white. my mom warned me against yolk few days back only. and, my dinner is not exactly less but it feels light on the stomach with more of yogurt. oh yes, take more of yogurt. its good. and, yes, less salt.


  2. Definitely gonna start yoga. Stop tea. Start crunches. Stop brown bread and start whole wheat bread. Rest I already follow. Thanks. You have done an amazing job. I have 5 months left to my marriage and I am going through all the posts.


    1. Good luck Akanksha! I’ve not been able to keep up with a lot of these post wedding 😦 need to get back to a healthy way of life myself! Are u on twitter? We shud totally motivate each other down this healthy path! 🙂


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