Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village #4: Ole Couture

8 thoughts on “Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village #4: Ole Couture”

  1. Hey nice review of stores..

    When is the wedding btw?

    I have a query too.. I am not from Delhi and recently moved here.. I have a cousin’s wedding coming up and I am looking to get some salwar suits and blouses stitched. Can u help me out with one?


  2. I loved the collection at this store!! Their outfits were on an expensive side but their pieces are extremely hatke designs and not the regular run of the mill stuff that you would find at south ex market or other bridal wear stores. I did find some reasonably priced pieces which were really elegant and classy! It was a good break from all the usual bridal lehengas in net with chamki work that i am seeing in every other bridal wear store! .


  3. Have to attend a wedding in december, not much time as i will be arriving delhi few days before the wedding,,, need help to find something new and stylish. can someone suggest any good stores?


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