Guest Post – Pre-Wedding Thoughts by Miss M

6 thoughts on “Guest Post – Pre-Wedding Thoughts by Miss M”

  1. My fiancé is an atheist. Me agnostic. I’d always imagined that a quiet registered marriage is what we’d have (I am a lawyer, that piece of paper matters more to me than anything else). Through our 8years of being together, we’d had minimum interference from the families. Families loved us and we loved both sets. IMAGINE MY HORROR and confusion when fiancé and I decided it was time to tie the knot, he told me he wants a full fledged punjabi do because that is what his family has always wanted! My quiet, calm life just became a battle field with parents suddenly making decisions and my life not being my own anymore. On top of that, the inherently shy me having being told that I am to be the centre of attention, I really has te worst few months of my life! I too was continuously informed that the marriage is what we get while wedding is for the families. But thank god for my loving fiancé and family who truly took care of bridezilla me. Today, Everytime I get stresse and get angry considering there is so much to do, I stop, deep breath and think at the end of that road I get to spend my life with my best friend and my lover. Now, can I really complain about anything?


  2. Such a meaningful line: “Marriage is for you, wedding is for your family”. To be honest I am not scared that everybody will be watching me (I would love that attention) but my guy is terrified thinking how my distant relatives will scan him & talk about him!! 😛

    I also feel this —> It’s like watching a movie featuring me where I am aware of what is happening, I feel the feelings..but the fact that it’s all ME hasn’t sunk in yet.

    Nice to know you M!!


    1. I guess the tone of my comment is probably looking sarcastic but in fact, I meant the very opposite!!! so, don’t take umbrage. its a very different feeling to be loved by the same person and destined to be with each other forever!!!


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