July Wedding Updates – Less than 100 days left to the wedding!

16 thoughts on “July Wedding Updates – Less than 100 days left to the wedding!”

  1. whoa, just 100 days!!! you can start the countdown infact 😀 btw, would love to know about the ointment and the whole beauty update (sunscreen)!!! and, yeah, suryanamaskars are damn difficult when done and they do need a lot of stamina!!


  2. So exciting!! I too am having a blast just planning my wedding.. The most fun i have had in years! Am off to my first wedding exhibition today.. I hv 5months to go for my wedding.. As of now i am concentrating on getting myself fit and working on my skin.. Work in progress there! Venues are done,so is the photog.. Trousseau sarees are done.. Jewelry has been made.. Bas! All the best!!


  3. #1 Are you going for candid photography only? or do you have a normal photographer as well??

    #2 Where are you getting your lehenga from?

    #3 For the saree thats pending:

    If you don’t find the exact same thing then get plain fabric from Nehru place blue one looks like silk Georgette and orange is 40gm silk, and You will get that kind of kundan border at Lajpat Nagar. Any good tailor will be able to stich it just take the picture along. ( If you dont get the same color then ask for dyable fabric and you can get it dyed from any drycleaners )

    #5 let me know if the dermatologist works for you!!

    #7 People have been recommending me Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, whoever I have talked to says it works. I am doing power yoga but feel the need to add something.


    1. Sorry for the lateee response!
      #1 Candid+normal
      #2 Wedding lehenga is from Om Prakash Jawahar Lal at Chandni Chowk
      #3 thanks for the suggestion! let’s hope though that i dont have to diy a saree!
      #5 The ointment is basically a very mild exfoliator…need another month to see results, so will let u know then!
      #7 How is the 30 day shred working out for u?


  4. The 100 day mark is coming up for me as well – it’s an awesome feeling isn’t it?? 😀 Looks like you’re all set and the to-do list is getting crossed off slowly 🙂

    Would you mind sharing who your photographer is? We need to book someone and I would love a reference!!! Also looking forward to seeing your wedding lehenga!!

    Crazy Indian Bride: Thank you for the tip.

    You guys are the best!


  5. So nice to know you got your photographer and lehenga!! I am done with the lehenga, will get it in 15-20 days – me too super excited!! 😉

    Me too buying a lot of make up online. After reading ‘the crazy indian brides’ post on Kajal, I just logged in to buy the Kajal but then bought so many other things!! Does this happen to you too?


  6. TDB, please do a post on where to buy suits (stitched or fabric) in Delhi. I’m really confused about this one thing. also how many should one consider for the trousseau?


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