thedelhibride Asks…about her Sangeet Lehenga!

13 thoughts on “thedelhibride Asks…about her Sangeet Lehenga!”

  1. I would say wear a contrast color as that would complement great in photographs!!! wearing same colors would make it look kinda uniform types. green – dark or bottle would be great!!!


  2. If your wearing Red at your wedding, then avoid that color family (red, maroons,etc.) during your sangeet coz the function would be close (right?)..

    .you can wear a nice deep blue and ask the boy to have a deep blue patka, if thats possible, or anything else that will work with his maroonish outfit.

    Plus I think ‘matching’ is not really a criteria in sangeet as long as you dont clash. It should be bright and happy colors! should be defiantly fun!


    1. Just wear a nice bright colour and something that has a lot of kalis…the flare looks really pretty when you dance :). I wore a green colored anarkali with the prettiest orange dupatta ever. It looked fabnulous when i twirled around. Got it from Ogaan.


    2. Wats a patka? And I have seen a midnight blue lehenga that’s beautiful…but I was just wondering if blue and black would be a great idea for an outdoor Sangeet…I know it will be well lit, but I still want to be easy to spot and not blend with the dark sky! Is this an odd concern? I don’t know!


      1. I would say go for a brighter colour!! Although midnite blue is a beautiful colour but i feel brides shud wear happier colours!(if tht makes any sense!) also agree with the previous commenter -avoid red or maroon if u r wearing similiar colors at ur wedding.. I found a gorgeous orange n pink lehenga that i am considering for my sangeet.. Love dose colours!!


      2. Patka is the chunni like thing guys wear with sherwni

        Midnight blue sounds nice, but make sure its a bit bright and stands out,, you have a picture in your pininterest ( i think i have the same) its a blue lehengha by anita dongre

        this one

        That kind of blue looks really pretty


  3. Sangeet is one occasion wherein you can experiment with colours. Moreover, you are the DELHI bride!! So live your heart out in shocking blues, pretty pinks, sea greens and lovely oranges! You need not be colour co-ordinated. Just make sure both of you are equally dressed up. I attended a sangeet where the groom was wearing a white shirt – blue jeans combo and the girl was heavily decked up. In the pictures, the groom looked like the brother of the bride! I am sure this will never happen to a bridal blogger. I was just reminded of the incident.

    Me too was tempted to buy a midnight blue lehenga for my engagement but was saved coz my MIL felt a bride should wear brighter/rich colours which makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. Later when I got my perfect lehenga, I was like “what was I thinking!!”


  4. Totally overwhelmed by the number of helpful responses I’ve got here! Thanks a lot PT, Swati, Crazy Indian Bride, S, Karishma, Aditi…! So sweet of you to take out the time to help me with this. After reading all your comments, I’ve decided to wear a bright color for sure. And I’m not wearing red on wedding day, so a bright red is definitely still an option for Sangeet. I’ll not take too much stress about us matching either for the sangeet, but I will be careful not to completely clash either. Although, I’m not sure what color would clash with his red and brown combo.


  5. Im facing the same dilemna… I want to wear a gown to the Sagan and the colours I have in my head are turquoise and other bright pastels with a nice full ghera. It would be easy for my fiance to wear a turquoise kurta I think.


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