What To Be Careful About On Your Wedding Day

6 thoughts on “What To Be Careful About On Your Wedding Day”

  1. We had a similar problem at my bua’s wedding. This lady tried to enter right at the same time of the barat, but she looked a little shifty, nobody could recognize her.

    Thankfully all the uncles were vigilant and escorted her out before she could cause any damage. What troubled us was that she was dressed in a very nice saree looking like anyone of us. Its scary to thing if no1 had noticed her, what harm could have been cost.


    1. Oh, so I guess it is really important for family to be alert. As long as everyone keeps it in mind, I think we can keep such “unwanted elements” out of our weddings 🙂 thanks for sharing your bua’s story!


  2. Such a meaningful bridal post. So much to learn – especially not hyper reacting like bridezillas when your cousins/friends are busy in themselves. I remember in one of my best friends wedding I was so busy with my hair and make up that I reached 2 mins before the actual wedding. We werent there to help her out at all. I was horrified to face her thinking she would be super mad at us. But like you she too was too excited to see the groom and getting married.

    I like this post also because we get to read a lot about the trousseau, decor, makeup, hairdos and a million other things but very little learnings about such incidents which are likely to happen in weddings.

    Thank you Aunty!!


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