Wedding Exhibition #1 – Bride & Groom

5 thoughts on “Wedding Exhibition #1 – Bride & Groom”

  1. OOh lucky you! I so wanted to go! stuck with stupid exams 😦

    Do give us contact details of the ones in delhi/NCR please!! specially if anybody you liked has a website, link would be useful or any pictures if you clicked.

    Also was there any good invitation people there???

    PS: Linking this on my blog , very helpful!! 🙂


    1. Didn’t click any pics, but will add contact details soon.
      For invitation cards, I liked one – Occassion. Their address is 2405, Chawri Bazaar. Cell no – 9811032943, 9810335232


    1. The designs were nice, but c’mon – it’s just mehendi! Maybe 1 or 2 people will notice how awesome the design was. Generally, it’s enough that there is mehendi on the bride’s hands, and that the design is not ugly. That’s about as basic as my criteria is 🙂
      And no, I don’t think ANY mehendi design is worth sitting 8 hours for.


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