The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding – With A Twist

7 thoughts on “The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding – With A Twist”

    1. @delhibride why don’t you try the tip of the liquid foundation I had shared with you. take a little amount of bb cream in the palm and spread it on both the palms by rubbing together and then, press it on the face. it works well for me. or, you can also try applying it with a brush!!! donno how that will work out. and, when you apply moisturizer, apply a pea size on the damp skin and leave your face alone for 15-20 minutes in which you can dress up


      1. Hi Swati! Firstly, you’ve left your comment on a post completely unrelated to bb creams! Hehe. Anyway, the maybelline bb cream is not working for me. The problem is – without moisturiser, it gets flaky on my skin. With moisturiser, my face gets oily too quickly. Even compact powder doesnt work well to take away the oiliness. I probably need to find another bb cream that works better with my skin type.


    2. Thanx Swati!! I was a little hesitant about the day wedding at first but once i saw the venue i was totally convinced!! Am hoping everyone will enjoy attending our wedding as much as we are njoying planning it..


  1. Great post Karishma and all the best! Ur wedding seems to be a very charming affair. Hope it turns out exactly how you’ve visualized it 🙂
    We’re trying to forgo the stage as well. Instead, we’re getting the wedding planner to make small decorated ‘nooks’ all over the venue so we can walk around and pose in those nooks. Im hoping it’ll b ok, though not sure how it’ll tirn out.


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