My first attempt at applying liquid foundation

10 thoughts on “My first attempt at applying liquid foundation”

  1. Good job DB. I own a Maybelline wonder finish foundation which finishes in a matte look. However, I found it too matte and hence now mix it with a little bit of my moisturizer and apply all over with my finger tips. Yes, fingers do blend the foundation ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve read/seen that the warmth in the fingers help the solution blend nicely. It would’ve been great to see how the end result turned out to be, that is, to see your picture with foundation applied.


    1. Thanks! And yeah…while I was writing this post today, I realised I should’ve clicked before and after pics! Hopefully I’ll use that method sometime soon again. Will put up pics then.
      And thanks for the tip about why fingers work. Will give it a try!


  2. i am getting married soon as well, so been trying out a few foundations.

    I would suggest try as many as you can before ‘D’ day. coz when you go to any post marriage ‘dinners’ / meet the family events you would need light foundations as well. ( Every1 has been telling me that ! so passing on the ‘gyan’ ๐Ÿ˜› )

    Try Maybelline bb cream its great for day time wear or going to someones house without looking made-up, AND doesnt give the heavy loaded face effect, works good 4 delhi summers. ( just started using it so no idea how it will work in winters)

    Also I strongly recommend Ponds golden radiance night and day cream, it gives a perfect glow effect and is tinted so has some coverage, the day cream is great for an everyday look, it gives you a great goldeny look.
    my skin has improved quite a lot after using this cream for about 3 months now ( I have combination skin) I love it so much that I wore in as a base layer for my roka makeup and used the night cream on my hands and you can see tiny specs of gold on my hand where ever the light hit it on camera without looking like a shinny disco ball ;P

    If you can invest in MAC foundation for evening parties and wedding events ( yours and others) ask the sales girl 4 recommendations they give you such a perfect match to your skin its like taking your own skin color out to paint on your self ๐Ÿ˜›


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