A Bride to Be and Know Nothing About Make Up? Why you need to learn NOW

12 thoughts on “A Bride to Be and Know Nothing About Make Up? Why you need to learn NOW”

  1. haha…even I don’t know ABC of makeup….use of brushes, I learnt only in the blogging world 😀 but, I guess, I am not gonna do any makeup for my wedding. a bit of kohl and mascara. btw, do check out dior addict lipsticks. thye have amazing colors and look more like tints!!!


    1. 🙂 oh so you also found your saviour in beauty bloggers?!
      Thanks for the tip on Dior lipsticks, and you will have to put more than just kohl and mascara on your wedding! Wait, I’ll convince you! 🙂
      PS. Check out my Bridal Beauty page – what a coincidence that I’ve mentioned your blog on it!


        1. Ah. I just saw a south indian friend’s wedding pics this weekend, and yeah…she didn’t seem to have much makeup. Lucky! I think North Indian weddings are too over-the-top. Just the base expectations of people are too much. Specially after watching Satyamev Jayate’s dowry episode, I really want to do this wedding differently – more simple. But, I guess it’s not my decision to make. But the parts of it that are my decision, I’m trying to keep it as low-key as possible.


  2. haha…good that you mentioned it today coz quite co-incidentally, today a couple of us were discussing the same issue of high-end weddings and how all of us would rather save that money and spend it on ourselves instead of wasting it for a one time ceremony!! one my fren was quite happy saying that she would love to get married in a temple and another guy talked about court marriage 😀


    1. I was honestly considering getting married in a sari – atleast I’ll wear it again! But now, I’ve found the lehenga of my dreams. Although it’s way, way over budget – I am totally in love. Will need some serious restraint on my part to let go of it. Help me Swati! Make me realise this is all futile for a single day!!! 😥


  3. I read your whole blog in 2 days. Love the way you write straight from your heart! I am ashamed to say this but I know nothing about make-up. I get nightmares that everything in my wedding is going to be perfect but I will look horrendous with powder pasted all over my face!! 😦 I dont mind the kohl and mascara make-up. I am in an exact place as you are in!! The only difference is that I am getting married this December. Wedding Photography is one of the things I was so keen on getting done but had no clue it was going to be so expensive. I am still in search of a perfect photographer (no flash kinds)! I agree with the Satyameva jayate’s take on weddings so much that I wrote a post on it: http://marathiweddings.blogspot.in/2012/05/its-not-just-event.html


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