Wedding Lehenga Shopping Begins!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Lehenga Shopping Begins!”

  1. i’d AVOID frontier raas like a disease! its insanely priced. and that’s the least of your problems! i bought my lehenga to avoid chandni chowk crowd and then spent the next 1 month trying to get it back from their fabulous “finishing”! i am generally too lazy to write reviews but this one was simply unavoidable. esp when its for something as imp as a wedding, its wiser to stick to something that will atleast give you serives assurances after your purse has been looted. AVOID!


  2. Thanks you for providing more details on wedding lehenga is most attractive and wonderful dress for wedding in Indian bridal clothing.This design is fantastic.


  3. hey there, m not a delhi-ite..but I am getting married to a Delhi-based guy..result being,we are doing most of the shopping from there.Could you suggest me where could i get a bright (fuschia/tangerine/red kinda , with heavy work on the choli but plain lehenga with wide heavy work in the border) for the lowest possible price (45k) ?


  4. Frontier raas is pathetic in terms of pricing, quality and overall finishing. Have jus now bought a suit from them for 13 k and discovering the pathetic quality of zipper and dupatta used by them. Moreso i have got my stuff after like two weeks with no ironing.AVOID FRONTIER RAAS.NOT WORTH THE MONEY THEY CHARGE


  5. Hello everyone out there!!! My name is Chandip, I am getting married in December and right now extremely stressed about my wedding shopping, mainly because I live in the US and only coming to India for one week on October to finalize my wedding dresses and everything else. I am really confused about wheather to shop on Mumbai ( where my parents actually live) or is it worth it coming to Delhi instead. You all seem pretty seasoned in the wedding related shopping. I will greatly appreciate any and all help that I can get from you all. Also I would love for some of you to suggest what’s the latest fashion as I am not upto date with the ethnic fashion ( perks of staying out of country). I look forward to hearing from someone soon and get a head start on my wedding shopping. Thanks in advance for all your help. Have a wonderful day. (:


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